We can save you time and money

on your home finance and legal fees

Most people are aware that mortgage brokers receive a commission from lenders for placing loans with them. This commission rate differs between lenders and is calculated as a percentage of the borrowing.

We are up-front about this – that’s why the service is FREE to you!

Although unusual, there are certain circumstances in which a lender may not offer a commission. In those cases we would look to charge a fee for our services. We always discuss this up front with you. In by far the majority of cases our service is free.

Experience, qualifications, and integrity

Each of our advisers

  • has over 20 years’ experience in the finance industry
  • is a registered financial adviser
  • is a member of PAA (Professional Advisors’ Association). PAA has codes of conduct ensuring its members maintain a high level of integrity.

Our brokers work for you—they will get you the best deal they possibly can.

A full range of lenders

We deal with a full range of lenders, from major banks through to more specialised lenders. This gives us many options for you, including options for those who have tried their own bank but been turned down.

We’ll approach the lenders we believe, through experience, will offer you the best terms based on your individual situation.

Through our relationship with our lenders we are often able to negotiate special benefits on your behalf.

Our lenders are: ANZ, Westpac, ASB, Co-operative Bank, Sovereign, plus other specialist lenders.

Other Benefits

The Conveyancing Company is part of Gibson Sheat Lawyers. We can take care of the entire process for you, ‘from finance to settlement and everything in between’.

Our legal staff quickly answer your legal queries and guide you through the sale and purchase process. And with the brokers and legal staff in the same office, communication couldn’t be easier.

We truly are a one-stop-shop.

You can also ask us for help in obtaining LIMs, building reports, valuations and insurance.