Most properties that are not held in a cross-lease title or a unit title are held in a fee simple title (sometimes called a “freehold title”). A search of the title will provide you with information relating to the physical dimensions and shape of the land contained in the title.

It will not normally show any structures on the land or establish whether any structures on the land are physically within the legal boundaries. Only a legal survey or a physical inspection of the site and survey pegs will verify the location of the boundaries in relation to any structures.

If you have any doubts over the boundaries, we suggest you contact a registered surveyor. The title search will also not indicate whether there are any council requirements that may need to be dealt with such as a requirement to fence a swimming pool. These can only be ascertained from a search of council records.

A title search will show you what encumbrances are registered against the title. An encumbrance is generally an easement, covenant, or some other restriction on the title.